Cooking Tips

Here are my tips and techniques to help guide you to a healthful life.

Look for farmers markets in your area to find seasonal, unique, healthier, and better prices on produce.

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What about organic?

Try to eat all your food organic.  Certified organic isn’t necessary if you know your farmer and their practices.  Organic certification is expensive for small farms, but the farmer will still use organic methods.

Organic means the farmer uses agriculture practices that do not use synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides/herbicides.  This is important in developing and maintaining health.


Buy extra in season produce to store during out of season times.  Storing in season produce for later takes a little extra effort, but is worth it later in the year.  Some ways of storing are drying, freezing, canning, and cold cellar (basement) storage, depending on the type of produce


Cooking techniques for optimal health.

Their are four main techniques used in nutritional development.

Garlic Roasted Carrots - This is really the best and easiest way to roast carrots. All you need is 5 min prep. It's just that quick and easy! 59.5 calories.Sautee, steaming, and pressure cooking style.

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Knowing how to use these four methods can create endless options for meal planning.

Practice one method of cooking at a time.  I suggest starting with steaming.  It’s easy and steaming can create a quick and healthy side dish. Once you are confident with steaming try the other methods.

Tips for roasting: Roasting is currently not suggested in Nutritional Development diet programs

Tips for sauteing

If sauteing multiple vegetables at one time, place the vegetables in the saute pan in reverse order of their cooking times. This helps prevent some vegetables being over or under cooked. Saute with a little oil of your choice (Avoid olive oil). When all the vegetables have cooked for the correct amount of time remove from heat and season with salt and pepper or fresh herbs.

Have fun with combinations

Try different combinations of veggies with one of the above methods can make mealtime with veggies more exciting.  I like to use three different combinations at a time based on the season that I’m in.  For example in fall I will throw together onions, carrots and brussel sprout together with some parsley or add some garlic and rosemary.  The options are endless.  Don’t be afraid to play around with it and discover what you and your family like best.



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