Remineralizing the body is so important in today’s world.  Remineralization is not a  known technique in the western culture and western medicine.  It’s important to have the proper information to safely remineralize the body.  Let me teach you the Nutritional Development approach to remineralization and healing. It is a deeper and more lasting approach not using remedies to resolve symptoms, but it goes to the root of the imbalances and balances them.


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“Brandy is a great encourager and it’s comforting to know she is just an email away and will answer questions. It is helpful to know she or others have gone through some similar symptoms. It feels like she genuinely cares about what I’m going through.”

“I have been on NB program about 2 years. The initial reason for starting was acute severe pain in left back and horrible hot flashes about every 40 minutes for the previous 10 years. I also had mostly sleepless nights for the same amount of time 10 years . The back pain went away as I did the coffee enemas. The sleep improved.”
> Barb, Indiana









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